Blowing Minds


Our Mission

Inspiring ourselves and our guests to authentic joy through bold creation of moments and experiences abundant in extraordinary delight, care, and imagination by opening portals to new and incredible realities.

This the future of gaming. Recommend 10/10!
— Pacific Science Center Guest
This was by far the highlight of my trip to Seattle.
— Pacific Science Center Guest

What are we doing?

  • Opening physical and virtual worlds rich in imagination.

  • Guests feel heat, cold, wind, smell, touch, and more all while walking through a real life adventure.

  • Physical and virtual worlds are carefully aligned so guests can reach out and touch the virtual worlds they are exploring.

  • We are collaborating with new VR developers to create amazing and innovative alternate physical realities.

  • Working with multiple venues across the US to open these incredible physical worlds.

  • Growing our team so we can bring more and more of these portals to reality.